VEUON HR Mobile App – Signalling a New Era for HR Industry

           Veuon made its triumphant debut in the HR world with their HR Mobile App last year. Their Mobile App was awarded as the best HR Mobile App for the year 2016 by  the internationally renowned World HRD Congress. Veuon has developed this App in a unique way which will completely change how HR industry finds solutions for its recruitment needs. This HR Mobile app is absolutely free for persons seeking new employment or shifting jobs; and also this App is best suited for large and small businesses looking innovative and cost-effective HR Solutions. The App demonstrates Veuon’s commitment to HR Solutions and their capabilities in developing a cutting edge Mobile Application that makes life easier for the Job Providers and Job Seekers and also will ensure the highest level of value and services to its growing base of users.

App’s Features and working 

  • Both the Job Providers and Job Seekers download the app and install their version of the app respectively.
  • The Job Providers run their requirements for a Subscription fee and the Job Seekers provide their details (free of cost).
  • The algorithm using innovative cutting-edge technology provides ease connect with jobs providers and Jobseekers based on their skill sets, location, distances and experience levels – A Real Time Recruitment.
  • Veuon’s search engine connects the Job Providers and Job Seekers.  The users are identified when an appropriate match is found.
  • Jobs through Global Positioning System based connecting
  • The Job Providers’ Smart Phone will list all the prospective Candidates in the Candidate Alert Section and the Job Provider can call the Job Seeker from the little Green Button directly. The Job Provider can also send a email directly from the email link.
  • The Job Seekers’ Smart Phone will list all the prospective Job providers in the HR Alert Section
  • Alerts/notifications are provided when a match is found.   Notification screen can be turned on/off at will
        Various options like Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Viber, etc are provided for sharing with friends. The app is currently available for anyone who has one of the following compatible mobile devices: i.e. AndroidTM v2.0 (or higher), AppleIOSSince this App was launched the developers are working on further new features and they have recently added the following new features to the Mobile App for the benefit of the users:
  • The reach of this App has a range of 2500 KM radius. The App will connect the Job seeker and Job Provider. If their profiles matches irrespective of their distances within 2500 KM radius.
  • All the Job Providers and Job seekers will be displayed in the India Map appearing in the screen.
  • When the match between the Job Provider and Job seeker happens, the exact distance in KMs between them will be displayed in the screen


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