LOYALTY – Not a One Sided Affair

LOYALTY – Not a One Sided Affair
         Gone are the days when you hear of someone who has worked in a company for 40 years. These were old values of loyalty in a lot of countries. Well in a lot of companies also the employees were like family. All that has changed now.

         There are two sides to the coin where the company terminates incoherently and the other side employees betraying the company and asking for a hike at the end of a project which is nearing completion else leaving the company at the last moment.

          There is a trust deficit  on both sides.

        It will be a rude shock to any employee who had been working for years with impeccable honesty and diligence without any additional compensation for putting in extra work only  to find out that the company no more wants him on their pay role and ask him to  quit denying him legitimate post termination benefits. There have been instances of companies bent upon extracting work from the employee without adequate compensation. Working hours extending to 14 hrs or more. The sensitivity to a humane approach in lacking  in these cases;  

         Another set of employers are not only selfish and disloyal to their workers; they consider their employees as an expendable commodity.

         The companies alone cannot to be blamed for this sorry state of affairs. The conduct of certain employees also make the companies' attitude very rigid towards their employees.  There are employees whose loyalty is questionable. The keep benefiting from all the perks and privileges of the company and at  a drop of a hat they change their loyalty and abandon the present employer who was loyal to him in the midst of a on-going project or when he feels that the company was not doing well. He will not have the patience to help the company to turn around and come out the crisis if any.
The moral is that while there are companies who consider their employees only as chattels;, there are employees who will have no qualms in suddenly jumping from one job to the other when the present employer has reposed confident in him and given him some important and lucrative projects. The attitude of the employer and employees must change and they should strive hard for the common benefit of the organization and for their mutual benefits.

      A matured way to handle these matters is to exercise greater restraint by employers and employees. One should consider all pros and cons before taking any action. Certain situations may demand drastic and quick action.  Most of the pitfalls in  handling HR  issues  can be successfully handled by a sensitive HR department in the interest of all concerned.

       The old adage still applies "People leave Bosses not Companies"

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